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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Yet Even More Crap from Big Time Publishing

NY Times | November 4, 2004
A Spunky Heroine, and an Officer's Improbable Rise

Two quotes from Ms. Maslin's review:

About Metro Girl By Janet Evanovich 296 pages. HarperCollins. $26.95.

"Writing novels isn't like working on an assembly line. Or at least it isn't supposed to be. But there are literary dynamos who crank out installment after installment, using titles that serve as brand names and replicating the same sausagelike structure over and over. A show of creativity just means dreaming up an additional product line."

About The Prince of Beverly Hills By Stuart Woods 321 pages. Putnam. $25.95.
". . .one reader's comment about the dauntless, tireless Mr. Woods on Amazon.com is: "Did he write this over a weekend, while watching a football game?"

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