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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Will in the World

This is a great book. I have never paid much attention to Shakespeare's sonnets, but Greenblatt's book makes studying them richly rewarding.

The following are representative book jacket reviews that I agree with heartily.

"Stephen Greenblatt's book is a tour de force. The immediacy and forcefulness of his prose creates an Elizabethan England bristling with authenticity. His reading of Shakespeare's mind is both startling and stimulating, strengthening the connections between life and art in a way that all creative people instinctively understand. Indeed, it is a book for artists and ordinary people as well as scholars and students." --Tina Packer, artistic director, president, Shakespeare & Company.

"This compulsively readable and deeply imaginative book represents the most sympathecitc investigation yet made into the ways in which Shakespeare's life experiences inform his writings." Stanley Wells, general editor, The Oxford Shakespeare

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