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Friday, September 15, 2006


AYDY Press Receives Award

AYDY Press is the Publisher of my novel A Perfect Peace. This is good news for me as well as wonderful news for Brian.

Independent Publishers Award to AYDY Press for New Wilderness by Brian S. Matthews

In the Science Fiction category, AYDY Press secured one of two finalist positions for New Wilderness by Brian S. Matthews. ISBN 1-897242-01-8 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada May 24, 2006 -- United States based Independent Publishers honoured Victoria’s AYDY Press at ceremonies in Washington, DC, on May 19. AYDY Press was one of two finalists in this international competition in the Science Fiction category for the novel New Wilderness by Brian S. Matthews.

The Independent Publisher Book Awards are in their ninth year and acknowledge “deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers.” Searching for innovation and excellence rather than budget, the IPPY Awards strive to raise awareness of exceptional writing in an industry where large publishers dominate.

“Brian was the inspiration for AYDY”, said President Tom Bulmer. “The acronym stands for Aren’t You Dead Yet? It’s an off hand salute to the perseverance and tenacity of quality authors who simply won’t give up.”

New Wilderness is an ecological thriller that has received rave reviews in Canada and in the United States. It is the first of a trilogy with its second, City on the Currents, just released. Bulmer and Matthews recently returned from a month in Brisbane, Australia researching the final episode, The Last Walkabout, scheduled for release this year.

In the trilogy, human kind loses the biblical promise of dominion over nature. Society crumbles and the animal instincts in people rise to the fore.

What happened? What caused this change?

The story begins in the Pacific Northwest and then travels to California where the tale moves to Australia. There, the trilogy will conclude with an ecological message almost ten years in the making. The story has attracted interest in the motion picture world.

“It is an honor to be associated with Brian. New Wilderness is just good writing. We are very proud of him. Bulmer concluded.

AYDY selects undervalued literary titles that could also be taken into film, television or live theatre.

For more information call:

Gayle Milliken 250-384-7116
Tom Bulmer 250-412-4307


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Click on the images below to order New Wilderness and City on the Currents here.

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