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Thursday, November 09, 2006


$100.00 Cash Award best POD/Self-Published Book reviewed here

I prefer to review POD and Conventional Self-Published fiction, but it is difficult amidst the numerous blogs, review sites, etc., to get much attention for this site and I don't get as many submissions as I would like. In order to generate more interest in my reviews, I am offering a prize of $100.00 for the best book published in 2006 submitted for review at my site.

Although I have no special credentials as a reviewer, I am a self-published author myself. I have written two novels, and I assume that the prize money will provide an incentive for submission; in other words, an author will have nothing to lose by making a submission other than one copy of his/her book.

My motives for this competition, other than to generate interest in my book reviews, are to see what my fellow, self-published writers are doing, and to draw attention to POD/self-published works of fiction and works of fiction published by small (10 titles or fewer) publishers.

Although I may make criticisms of the books I review, I will review only those titles I think have merit and are worth buying and reading. I will make no negative, humiliating or "slash and burn" reviews.

The following are the criteria for entries in the competition:

1. The book must be submitted for review in accordance with the following rules.

2. The book must be an original work of fiction of any genre except children’s books, and books intended for young-adult readers. Erotica is acceptable, but it must have some revelance other than mere purience. Books of poetry must have fewer than 100 pages.

3. The book must be written in the English language.

4. The book must be submitted for review by March 31, 2007.

5. The submission must be in book form: no e-books or digital manuscripts.

6. The book must have its own International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

7. The book must be published and first appear in print during the 2006 calendar year, although it may have a 2007 copyright date.

8. The book must be published using either Print on Demand (POD) technology or conventional self-publishing.

9. The book must be self-published by the author or by a press with 10 or fewer titles.

10. The book must be available for purchase at Amazon.com or a comparable Internet source that can be linked for purchase from this blog.

11. No books written by anyone that would represent a conflict of interest will be eligible for the award although such books may be reviewed at this blog. Conflict of interest will include, but not necessarily be limited to, any books written by myself, any members of my family, books published by my publisher, Aydy Press, or my own imprint, Anchor Chain Books.

12. Submissions must be sent through the U.S. Postal service to Glynn's Book Reviews, P.O. Box 802, San Augustine, Texas 75972 and must be accompanied by a one-page cover letter that includes the author or publisher's return address and a short biography of the author if one is not included on the cover of the book. Novels should also include a one-page synopsis of the story. Books of poetry should have a brief themactic description of the work. Receipt of the submission will be sent either by email or by mail if a SASE accompanies the submission.

Books will be judged on the writing style and quality, character development, pace, realism (believability), plot and social relevance. Front cover, back cover description of the book, and interior design, as well as care in editing will also be considered. Not all submissions will be reviewed, although all those that are reviewed (with the exceptions noted above) will be acknolwedged as finalists. I will make the final choice for awarding the prize myself, although others may participate in the selection process.

The winner of the $100.00 prize will be announced here and at the Absolute Write Self-Publishing forum in August of 2007 at which time the winner will be sent a cashier’s check for $100.00.

Write me at glynn at glynnsbooks dot com if you have questions

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